Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Lights Not Working When Headlights Are On

Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Lights Not Working When Headlights Are On

Taillights are very vital in protected driving, principally when driving at evening. However, you might discover your tail lights not working, whereas brake lights are. I’m wondering why all of the rear lights work when the headlights are on however, won’t turn on when urgent down the pedal. It’s exhausting to consider that the brand new switch is dangerous.

Here’s a problem I’ve been attempting to track down a solution to for a couple of months. Finally got pulled over and given a ticket. Changed bulb after which it only works once I press my key fob to lock or unlock the doors. It does NOT work when I depress the brake pedal. All different lights perform simply fantastic and all fuses check out good with a multimeter and a fuse checker. So far, I’m getting voltage readings on all wires but I want a companion, or a good stick, so as to full that task.

Tips On How To Examine Each Component

Only a couple of things normally account for brake lights staying on. One of the extra frequent is a nasty brake-light swap. If the contacts stick, the change might continue supplying power to the lights, although it is launched.

A voltage present between the wires and a floor means continuity on the bottom wire ought to be checked. Check for continuity with an ohmmeter, between the bottom wire and a identified good floor. If the bottom is good, the socket must be replaced. Be positive to repair any harm to insulation, brought on by testing.

Brake Lights Is Not Going To Go Off

This diagram will help you establish if the wires are passing through the switch sign turn. A current accident at the tail finish of your automobile can increase the likelihood of this downside. So, the breaking lights might be working if their wires aren’t damaged. This problem happens when you’ve severe or lose energy cables.

jeep grand cherokee brake lights not working when headlights are on

When you select fuse, it must be of fine high quality. Somehow people miss the trick to secure price to a certain extent. this hyperlink solves the problem, but it is for a fairly old model. Recent elements and wiring are a bit different. The socket downside can also be a really intriguing issue.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Tail Lights

All three brake lights have the identical widespread output from the brake switch. So if the 3rd brake mild on the hatch is working the Tail/Brake lamps must be additionally. This additionally means the 25A fuse in the PDC is good. With headlights not on, brake lights work nice. with headlights on, neither tail nor brake lights work.

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